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Spotify offers artists a very easy way to publish their music and reach listeners. Due to the strong increase in users, the competition has also grown and is constantly improving. Therefore it is getting more and more difficult to get the published songs to the listeners.

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Our task is not only to provide you with the best possible promotion, but also to make sure that you make a profit. Since our Spotify streams and Followers come from Real Spotify Accounts, most of the songs are eligible for royalties. How much and when you get your earnings depends on which country you are based in and which distributor you are under contract with.

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We are experts at Spotify Promotion - Social media marketing! and that’s why it’s our job to give you the best possible results. This includes the Monthly Listeners as a very important factor, because it helps your music and person to make a much better impression when there are a high number of Monthly Listeners.

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